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My Thoughts On mark. Whip Into Shape Tattoo Eyeliner

So eyeliner is a staple in my makeup bag, and if I'm wearing even the tiniest bit of makeup, it's going to include eyeliner.

I'm always on the hunt for more eyeliners, eyeliners that I like and even if they aren't a holy grail are still good enough to be used regularly.

I believe this eyeliner is £7 but I got it for £6 on the introductory price.
I got this in Gaze For Days which is the black one, they have multiple different colours like blue and green and there are about 5 shades to choose from, but I played it safe and went with black.

This eyeliner has a corrector on the other end to aid you in any mistakes...

When I swatched this on the back of my hand, it was very black (not the most black I've ever seen but very black) and it didn't bleed into the lines on the back of my hand, and when I tried the corrector against one of the swatches it definitely did something.

So I'm about to go and put on some makeup for the day, and I'll see how it applies if…
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My Everyday Makeup

On a day to day basis I'm not one to wear lots of makeup... some people find what I do wear too much, but I wear three things so I don't see how... but anyway.

So for me, my eye makeup is what is my classic, I rarely wear base makeup because my skin hates me.

If you see any photo of me where I'm wearing makeup and I'm not wearing eyeshadow then this is it.

Simple just wear brows, mascara and liner.

So on a day to day basis I'll just fill my brows in using the mark. by Avon Creme Gel Pot in Deep Brown and that stays on all day so that's it, I don't do anything other than that when it comes to my brows.

My eyeliner is just a classic winged eyeliner, 9 times out of 10 I will be wearing the Eyeko David Downton Eyeliner if it's not that I'm probably testing out a new eyeliner or it's the Revolution Renaissance Flick liner.

Mascara always varies, currently, I'm really enjoying the Maybelline Last Sensation mascara but the mascara I use is the thin…

What's In My Makeup Bag

Bit of boring start, but a classic start. I have a lot of makeup to some people and to others hardly any. My desk is cluttered in makeup, but this isn't my collection, it's just what's in my makeup bag. I'll break this down into categories, and yeah, let's get into this! This is just my everyday makeup.


For brushed I just have some of them oval brushes just because they're quick and easy that came off eBay, and I have a set of eye brushes from Masqd which I got in the boxing day sales for like £6.25 for 4... savvy shopper me! I also have an Avon double ended brow brush because both times I got it free, and it's my everyday brow brush and a beauty blender thingy from Asda just to test at some point for this blog. Also my mirror, is off a broken Sleek palette... so practical me.

Face Products

I do not tend to wear base products a lot, because my skin hates me... all the time. But the products I have in here are...
- Revolution Conceal and Define in F1

How To Contact Me and Who I Am!

This totally isn't my third blog... totally aren't dedicated to blogging.

My name is Grace-Elizabeth, I'm a little bit of a mess but sometimes... okay most the time my eyeliner is sharper than a knife. I'm not an MUA, nor am I trying to be an MUA. I'm legit just a normal average person who mixes random colours of eyeshadow and somehow creates a look... still not sure on how I make it look okay, but it works.

My two other blogs, one is my personal blog where I talk about all the stalk stuff inside my head. Where I complain about how I feel and it's like my little diary but if people wanna read it they can. I don't hype that blog, it's just if you want to know what's happening behind the scenes, and stuff it's there. 

Then I have my main blog, the blog I've had for years, and that I rebranded. It still has old content on so there's like rants, poems and creative writing pieces still on there, but it is now …